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Holistic Healthcare

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As a comprehensive counseling center, TRU Integrative Health and Wellness offers a holistic approach for the residents of the Buckhead and greater Atlanta area. At TRU, our clinicians are recruited for their skill and experience, and for their commitment to holistic health care. Each practitioner believes that there is a strong connection between the mind, body, spirt, and environment and that the interaction among these dimensions of a person's life enables a high or low level of functioning. The practitioners at TRU have different specialities, but their undergirding philosophy allows for a thorough assessment of each person's mind, body, spirit, and environment in an attempt to provide the best treatment planning and level of care. The clinicians are able to consult with one another and also with other care providers, such as physicians or other professionals, who may collaborate about their care.

Our system of holistic healthcare presents an opportunity for clients to obtain a comprehensive awareness of just how well, or how poorlyt her/his adjustment may be related to issues of excessive body weight, fatigue, pain, sleep difficulties, mental and emotional disturbances, addictions, academic funcitioning, relationships, work performance, or other areas of concern. The aim of this approach to healthcare is to uncover larger interactions happening in a person's life and to set up new internal and external processes to enable optimal funcioning in the present and future.

As you search through our list of clinicians, feel free to choose one that you think may best fit your need. Also, you can call our scheduler using the office phone number and you will be scheduled to see the one that best matches your needs.

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