images 2B 25281 2529Don't Cry..

Date: October 14, 2015 | Time: 4:28pm | Posted By: Kathryn Hawkins Truax

How many times have you said this to someone or had someone say it to you? I have so many vivid memories of my mom telling me not to cry, or not to worry when I was a little one. Now that I am a psychotherapist, my heart skips a little beat each time I hear these words uttered. By telling someone not to cry, not to worry, not to stress, not to be mad, etc. we are telling them.... <view entire article>

blog 2B5 2Bphoto 2B1Spiritual Experiences, Challenges and Resources for Support..

Date: July 18, 2015 | Time: 6:00am | Posted By: Shaye Hudson

By: Shaye Hudson MA,Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist We have talked about what is a Spiritually Transformative Experience in the previous blog and how it can affect the experiencer. We know that each person will be affected differently a particular spiritual experience but there will often be challenges that will show up in different areas of their lives. Also, integrating these experiences can be especially difficult for those living in cultures that are not as supportive of these often strange and.... <view entire article>

blog 2B4 2Bphoto1What is a Spiritually Transformative Experience?..

Date: July 4, 2015 | Time: 6:00am | Posted By: Shaye Hudson

By: Shaye Hudson MA,Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin"In the last blog, we covered some examples of reported spiritual experiences. We hear the amazing accounts from those who have had Near-death experiences, Out of body, After-death communications and more but in what ways can and do these encounters affect the experiencers? We will now be covering a standard definition or understanding of.... <view entire article>

blog 2B3 2Bphoto 2B1Four Common Types of Spiritual Experiences..

Date: June 29, 2015 | Time: 9:30pm | Posted By: Shaye Hudson

By: Shaye Hudson MA,Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist In this blog, we will be discussing some of the type's experiences and encounters that clients have shared with me in the previous blog. Many of us have read in bestselling books of those who have died and came back to life in the near death experiences, others having out of body experiences gaining an expanded sense of identity, after-death encounters with loved ones who have crossed over and other peak experiences..... <view entire article>

blog 2B2 2Bphoto 2B1A Therapist Supports Client Encounters with Loved Ones Who have Passed..

Date: June 19, 2015 | Time: 6:00am | Posted By: Shaye Hudson

BY: Shaye Hudson, MA, Psychotherapist & Clinical HypnotherapistThere can be nothing more devastating in our lives as human beings than losing family members and loved ones. As a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist with a Holistic and Transpersonal (Spiritual) orientation, I often support clients who have experienced losing someone closest to them.I had often wondered how a spiritual encounter with a deceased loved one would affect the grieving process. I wondered "What would you say or ask if you got one last.... <view entire article>

blog 2B1 2Bphoto 2B1A Therapist's Personal Spiritual Experience..

Date: June 6, 2015 | Time: 6:30am | Posted By: Shaye Hudson

BY: Shaye Hudson, MA, Psychotherapist and Clinical HypnotherapistMany people often have experiences that we, in the psychology community call 'transpersonal', 'spiritual' or 'exceptional experiences of consciousness.' Exceptional psychology is a field that studies these experiences and phenomena which are traditionally related to parapsychology. Some examples of these type of experiences may include extra sensory perception, survival after death, out of body experiences, and after death communications. Depending on the nature of the experience and the individual, one can.... <view entire article>

The Patient's Pen - Au Naturale: Adding Holistic Medicine to My Health Care Routine..

Date: March 6, 2015 | Time: 9:00am | Posted By: Anonymous

**This blog has been posted to GrowHealChange, the blog of TRU Integrative Health & Wellness, on behalf of one of their patients. This patient wishes to remain anonymous.Taking the first step into holistic medicine was a large leap for me. I was not raised in the stereotypical "natural" households where we shunned deodorant or ate only what we grew. My youth was a traditional one -- we went to the doctor, his word was law and the.... <view entire article>

Child misbehaving? Play Therapy could help identify the problem -

Date: February 12, 2013 | Time: 11:14am | Posted By: Unknown

Check out this bit from America Now News that was done on play therapy. Child misbehaving? Play Therapy could help identify the problem - <view entire article>

divorceholidaystylethAnxiety and Divorce: Holiday Style..

Date: November 25, 2012 | Time: 4:35pm | Posted By: Unknown

Going through a divorce is tough, really tough. Going through a divorce during the holidays is excruciating. Everything you have known about the holidays changes, and if you have children it is complicated exponentially. There are few situations that inspire more anxiety than figuring holiday schedules for children and planning how you will fill the hours while they are with their other parent. Even if you do not have children, the holidays represent.... <view entire article>

The Truth About Discipline..

Date: November 12, 2012 | Time: 4:03pm | Posted By: Unknown

In my work with children and their families I have found that we often forget what discipline really is and what it is intended for. Discipline comes from the Latin word "disciplinare" which means "to teach". We so often associate the word with punishment and consequences but when we do that we lose sight of the reason we discipline our children. We discipline them to teach them. We need to teach them how to move around the world.... <view entire article>

thriving through the holidaysThriving Through the Holidays: Raising Expectations..

Date: November 9, 2012 | Time: 9:45am | Posted By: Liz Fava, MS, LAPC

The countdown is on. We have only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving, and 47 shopping days left until Christmas. I've seen Christmas decorations in stores for weeks now, and I'm starting to see all the tell-tale signs of the holiday season not just approaching, but being fully upon us: decorations in parking lots, holiday TV commercials, and a growing number of Pinterest posts of fabulous looking sweet treats and gift ideas.People have a lot of different feelings about the holidays. Probably.... <view entire article>

Date: November 3, 2012 | Time: 8:04am | Posted By: Unknown

Think Like a Therapist(c) is your lay source for becoming your own psychotherapist. Think Like a Therapist(c) helps you learn about yourself and others as if you were actually in counseling-minus the time and expense. Your session begins now! Think Like a Therapist(c) is not a substitute or service for the treatment of any mental health problems. Please see a clinical mental health professional to address your mental health symptoms and illnesses. Copyright (c) 2012 Charles O'Connor..... <view entire article>

breakupthAnxiety and the Horrible Breakup..

Date: October 29, 2012 | Time: 11:08am | Posted By: Unknown

So your relationship is over? Whether it is a divorce, a breakup with a long time partner or the dissolution of something that you felt would have potential, breakups are painful. My clients report being in literal physical pain after a breakup, and many do not know how to soothe the pain or where to turn to get better. Let's discuss the energy of ending a relationship.When a relationship ends there is a grieving.... <view entire article>

postpartum anxietythAnxiety....What If I am Not as Happy With My Baby as I Expected?..

Date: October 22, 2012 | Time: 11:18am | Posted By: Unknown

New mother anxiety can be overwhelming. Not only do you wake up with a body you don't recognize, a life that is nothing like the one glamorously portrayed in commercials, but you wake up with this tiny human in your home whom you may or may not connect with. Moms who do not feel immediately connected with their new bundles of joy report high levels of anxiety. Inability to share these feelings is isolating. There.... <view entire article>

anxietydepressionthHow to Build a Quality Life Despite Anxiety and Depression..

Date: October 17, 2012 | Time: 9:07am | Posted By: Unknown

When you suffer the symptoms of anxiety or depression nothing seems quite right. It is like the picture on the wall is slightly crooked, and your perceptions of everything are slightly skewed. Thoughts and feelings can feel muted. It may have been a very long time since you remember feeling good or being happy. To get back to that happy place requires a bit of discipline.When I ask my clients with anxiety or depression.... <view entire article>

addictionthAnxiety on Crack: Otherwise Known as "My Kid is An Addict. What Now?"..

Date: October 11, 2012 | Time: 9:29am | Posted By: Unknown

You have just found out that your kid is addicted to drugs or alcohol. This kid could be a young teen or an adult child, it does not matter, finding out that they are owned by addiction is news dreaded by any parent. You feel confused, terrified, furious and lost. You don't know where to turn. I urge you to take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and slow your thoughts. It is time.... <view entire article>

boundariesthAnxiety and the Missing Boundary..

Date: October 8, 2012 | Time: 10:37am | Posted By: Unknown

Some of us have poor boundaries. Let's admit it. When we were growing up we were shamed or ridiculed or bullied for asking for our needs to be met. We might have been made to feel "less than" when we stated what we wanted. This left us with a sense that we are not worthy to protect ourselves, that we are selfish or ridiculous to ask others not to trample us with their words or.... <view entire article>

Social Anxiety picSocial Anxiety Over the Rainbow..

Date: October 6, 2012 | Time: 9:35am | Posted By: Unknown

According to Alan Downs in his book The Velvet Rage: Overcoming the Pain of Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man's World. Gay men learn anxiety and anger early in their development. He refers to this development as velvet rage. "Velvet rage is the deep and abiding anger and anxiety that result from growing up in an environment when I learn that who I am as a gay person is unacceptable, perhaps even unlovable,".... <view entire article>

badnewsimagesAnxiety and the Really Big Bad News..

Date: September 28, 2012 | Time: 7:33am | Posted By: Unknown

I have talked in past blogs about how to handle your anxiety when things get chaotic and interrupt your routine. Today I would like to discuss what happens when you get the really "big bad news". A family member has cancer, the baby you are carrying has something wrong with it, you are getting a divorce. How do you cope? When anxiety goes from zero to warp speed and threatens never to leave, it feels.... <view entire article>

The Never Ending Challange of Finding Balance. ..

Date: September 16, 2012 | Time: 1:43pm | Posted By: Unknown

I believe that everyone struggles to create balance in their lives every day. Even those that seem to have mastered this, still work hard on a daily basis to keep the scales even. I recently gave birth to my daughter, and have fallen in love with her. I have spent the past two months catering to all of her needs and finding myself in the cycle of eat, slept, change a diaper, and do it again. I am still.... <view entire article>