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Margaret Schwenke, CEPC, CHHC is our principle Eating Psychology Counselor. Click here to learn more about Margaret and the services she provides.

As a comprehensive counseling center, TRU Integrative Health and Wellness offers counseling for the residents of the Buckhead and greater Atlanta area designed specifically to support you in examining and understanding your relationship with food and with your body.

Traditionally, “good” nutrition has been defined by getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals, protein, fat and carbohydrates. While this is true, there is another part to the story… In order to understand the whole picture of our nutritional health, we must also examine our relationship with food and body. Our metabolism is profoundly affected by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Stress versus relaxation, pleasure versus fear… each of these directly impacts our ability to metabolize life and food.

Through a holistic approach to health and wellness, your counselor will help you to look not only at the quality of foods you are eating, but also guide you to look at specific areas of your life to see how each of those might be affecting your nutritional health. Our bodies are incredible messengers, sending symptoms as red flags to get our attention. Your counselor will help you learn to listen to your body to find out where life might be calling for your attention. Nourishment comes not only in the form of the food that we eat; it encompasses all that sustains the development of body, mind and spirit. Your counselor will bring practices of mindful eating into the room to support your ability to be present with your body and your food, and to receive nourishment in the greatest way possible. When necessary, your counselor will recommend, and support you in making dietary and lifestyle changes. As you work together to reach your goals, you will develop a deeper understanding of the choices that work best for you so you can implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, life balance and health long term.

Areas of focus include weight loss, body image, energy and fatigue, immunity, mood, compulsive eating, digestive concerns, help navigating food allergies and several other nutrition-linked health concerns.

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